Himekishi to Camping Car Chapter 2

  • TL: kamisuzaku


  • Chapter 2: The Princess and the magic power

 There’s an animal before my eyes.
A pig’s head, merely wearing a loincloth below its abdomen a figure stands out, walking on two legs.
Not only in this fantasy world, no matter how and from where I look at it, it’s the kind of monster called Orc.

「Ogoo, Ogo-ogoo」

 There’s two orcs, while talking in a strange voice, they surrounded the woman.
The woman’s hands were bound and she was then tied to a tree.
She had beautiful silver hair and was wearing a deep crimson armor. It isn’t even to say if whether or not the clumsy commitment of the figure, the ornament used as tiara, under the waistcloth of the armor there’s also one gorgeous side called knee-socks with a ruffle skirt.
It gives off a somewhat noble aura, a figure similar giving me the impression of a princess knight.
The orcs gradually approach towards her, raised their voice in pleasure “Ogoo!” and stretched their hands.
The princess knight shouted with her face full of disgust.

「Don’t touch me!」
「Ogo―― ogoo!」

 Even then the orcs don’t stop extending their hands. The captured and tied princess knight counterattacked only with her free mouth.
She bite with all her strength the stretched hand of an orc.
The bitten orc pushed his hand jumping back. The other orc hit the princess knight on her face with a look of anger.
He hit with all his strength the princess knight who fainted and went limp.
The two orcs again with a cheerful tone saying “Ogo ogo”, were touching the princess knight’s armor.
Naoto was looking at all of this in a far away place.
The princess knight who fainted and the orcs. With this combination, what after this will be done? It should be easy exactly like pouring a cola after opening it.
There’s also a feeling like I want to frankly watch it, there’s also the adult there  a ten years working member having a good sense.
Naoto decided to help her.
After thinking a little, he jumps on the driver’s seat of Patricia, starting up the engine pressing the push-start button.
The feeling of the strongly engine’s horsepower is transmitted to the seat though it is faint.
Turning a handle, the orcs’ heads turned towards him.
He sounded the horn, and turned the headlight to a high beam.


With the light and sound, the orcs that turned simultaneously noticed the presence of Naoto, their faces turned towards here.
Though the expression changed, because of their pig face he didn’t understand meaning of their expression.


 He stepped on the accelerator, starting up Patricia.
Camping car of bus type, a body that’s are also huger than any kind of wild animal.
Also while the orcs approached by it obviously became confused by this situation, I ran away from the arguing old me.
Moreover, while keeping approaching, I kept on the flickering (chika chika) switch of the headlight.
While letting out their “Ogo ogo” that sounds like screams, the orcs fled with all their power.
After confirming he couldn’t see their figures, Naoto descended of Patricia, he went towards the fainted princess knight’s location.

「Hey, are you okay?」

I crouched down and called out to her. Although she didn’t answer, from her upper armor I also grasp from her abundantly chest that moves up and down slightly that she didn’t seem dead.

「What to do……? For now let’s carry her inside.」

After talking to himself, Naoto thought that was better.
Because the orcs were gone, he could afford time to observe around calmly.
Although the air conditioning was necessary for hot summer even just before exiting a tunnel, right now as he relaxed it was getting chilly enough that he started shivering.
If it’s impossible to leave her under such a temperature, his camping car for the time being…… he thought that he should bring her into the room.
He removes the rope that’s expected to restrain her, and he tried to lift her in his arms.


When a iron glove fell on the ground and made a clank sound, Naoto reflexively let out his voice.
The fainted princess knight was heavy enough that Naoto who’s an adult male couldn’t lift her in his arms.
Though the chest was imposing, she has an overall slender figure. Naoto was convinced that it’s because of the armor worn correctly.

「It’s no use, do I remove the armor?」

Saying so, he touched the princess knight’s armor.
Born in modern Japan, it’s the first time for Naoto who graduated from university and worked in a company to experience the feel of an armor.
Though he didn’t understand what to do to, with tricks similar to the tinkering of a computer and a car, he was able to remove the armor though fumbling anyhow.

「Should I carry her with this?」

After fighting hard, he wiped off the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand.
The whole armor removed, her figure turned out lightly dressed.
He moved his hands under her knees, Naoto who tried to lift her in his arms noticed something.
Whether this happened accidentally while the armor was removed, her skirt had flipped up and lifted a little.
Even though he couldn’t been see her crucial spot, Naoto instinctively let out a gulping sound.
An unknown world is there, within easy reach if he extends his hand just a little.

「It’s… it’s white……」

While muttering a speech of an exposed virgin, he extends his hand timidly,  and he held the hem of the skirt.
Immediately after――.

「Na, what are you doing?」

Suddenly, a voice was heard from overhead.
Naoto jumped back panicking, putting some distance, unaware of her waking up his eyes met the princess knight.

「N… no, this is――」
「You fool!」

The princess knight stood up, stared at Naoto with unconcealed anger.
Her hair that was silver, for some reason was dyed red in a moment.
It’s not only red, even things like sparks appeared in her surroundings.

「The hair…… Is it burning?」

To Naoto who was dumbfounded, the princess knight held up her palm.
The sparks gradually gather in the empty space that’s ahead her palm, soon turning into a large fireball.


At the same time she shouted, the fireball came flying towards Naoto.
Quickly returning to his sense, he avoided it by bending his body in an instant
A don-like sound was heard from the back.
Naoto turning around timidly, became startled by the view over there.
The fireball hit the ground, though it only was burning there, it was in the vicinity of where the camping car is parked.
It’s not far from the body by three meters, the ground blazing up at close range.
Suddenly the fear due to the fireball being shot, disappeared without a trace in an instant.
Naoto started running panicking, the trunk room behind the frame is opened, he took out the fire extinguisher that was there.
Though it’s not necessary for the camping car to be with the option all electric, it’s just in case of an emergency because he went and bought things in a hardware store.
He ran to the place that was hit and burning, pulled out the safety pin, and sprayed the extinguishing substance toward the flame.
White foam spouted vigorously, the flames that blazed grandly were in a moment extinguished.

「Fuu…… That was dangerous.」

Yet in the worst case the fire spread to Patricia everything would stop and turn into paper. Having checked the situation over there, Naoto felt relieved. (TL: the author means that as paper burn easily, so would Patricia)

「That…… What was that?」

A voice that was dubious could be heard from behind. When turning around, the princess knight who turned back her hair silver and calmed down a little seemed to be amazed.
Naoto got angry a little bit.
A little more and his important camping car would likely be burnt by it now, he was feeling anger toward her.
He silently approached the princess knight, pointing the hose of the fire extinguisher.
Pusha- ! (TL: sfx sound of the extinguisher in case you’re asking)

White foam spouted again, directly hitting the lightly dressed princess knight.
She raised a scream because of that, Naoto didn’t care about it and pusha- sprayed her even more.
Though it seemed that her hair became red momentarily, he calmed her down immediately.
She sat on the ground while her strength was drained.

「St… Stop it!」

Though the princess knight was supplicating, more and more pusha- came.

「What… What’s that white, kyaa, my eyes, it’s in my eyes!」

The princess knight was in panic, he didn’t care and… pusha-.

「St… Sto…… stop it now……」

 The princess knight seemed to begin to cry, shouting for mercy… pusha-.
Yet one short round after one round, the princess knight splashed many times by the extinguishing agent was weakened completely.
Naoto felt satisfied with this conclusion, he quietly put the fire extinguisher on the ground.
Once again, he looked at the princess knight.
She was covered with the white thing all over her body, sitting down on the ground.

「Such…… What’s such an incomprehensible thing?」

She feels humiliation with the extinguishing agent, although frail she glared at Naoto.

「Rather than feeling such shame―― you’d better kill me.」


 After a while, in the camping car.
Naoto and the princess knight who regained her composure were across of the kotatsu facing each other. Because the room grew cold with a temperature that’s similar to the outside, Naoto turned on the kotatsu, and entered it together with the princess knight.
The princess knight who wiped the white foam at once with a new towel turned about to Naoto, she bowed and apologized.

「Although I received help, I jumped to a wrong conclusion and I’m sorry.」
「No, or rather I also unconsciously pointed that magic, I’m really sorry for this.」

 Naoto also bowed his head. Two people were bowing their heads on top of a kotatsu to each other.

「I haven’t introduced myself yet, I am Sofia.」
「You’re very courteous, I am Naoto Ono.」

 With ten years of hammered habit, Naoto reflexively straightened his back tightly, and was about to move his hand in his pocket. He notices at once it’s the habit when exchanging business cards, he became sad only for a moment because of it being ingrained into his body.
To such him, Sofia once again thanked him.

「Even though you rescued me, I apologizes. What would have become of me if you didn’t happen to pass by? Really, thank you.」
「Don’t mention it. However that animal, etto――」
「As expected, it’s an orc. Etto, if I didn’t come, what would have become of you?」
「Orc, or what?」

The face of Sofia became red momentarily, it was by no way inferior to her fire magic attack.
Seeing that, such a thing after all Naoto understood it. At the same time, he realized that he shouldn’t dig up this topic.
He tried tried to retract his question because he was panicking, he who has no experience on woman didn’t understand what kind of topic to bring up.
After a lot of hesitation, he was lucky with still a little skin of Sofia, he saw the white bubble that she was not able to wipe off and said.

「F… first of all want to take a shower? Well it seems hard as it is although you wiped it for now…」
「There’s a shower in such remote region?」

Though mindful words came out, it wasn’t a situation he could anticipate and calm down.
Naoto said as he was in a hurry.

「H… here’s the shower booth, that towel behind, I bought it a little while ago so it’s a new article, that’s right, there’s the shampoo and the soap also.」

He went out of the kotatsu, stood up and with ‘awa awa’ Naoto made the preparations.
After putting out the basic necessities, Sofia didn’t move at all unlike him, he noticed that she was looking up.

「What’s wrong?」

When asked what are her worries, she looked embarrassed.

「I’m not moving out.」
「Not moving out?」

Naoto was puzzled.

「That…… Somehow, I can’t come out from here.」

As it is she had an embarrassed face, she was looking at the kotatsu that she got in by herself. 「How did……」 was muttered again while he tilted his head to the side.


He saw it, Naoto understood. At the same time, he had settled down panicking.
He gets again into the kotatsu, picking up a mandarin placed on a plate, he presented it to Sofia.

「This is……」
「Eat it.」

When offering it, though she had a little perplexed expression, she accepted the mandarin presented, she peeled it off and carried it to her mouth.
The moment she ate it, her dignified face for a moment became unwind.

「Wh… what’s so funny?」

What did I imagine when I was laughing? I frantically smoothed it over.

「You were caught by the magic of the kotatsu.」
「As expected it’s because of magic? Kuu, me of all people to be caught in such a trap, what disgrace!」

Naoto and Sofia, although two people using the same word, just a little bit nuance was slightly off.
Naoto didn’t point it out. Because of the moment Sofia’s face became red, her face became unwind immediately after she lost again to the magic power of the kotatsu.

(Adding a kotatsu was the right answer.)

Option of the camping car, Naoto felt like praising this choice.
With her for a little while, I relaxed in the kotatsu.
Losing to the kotatsu and the mandarin immediately, I go towards such course of action of the princess knight.
May I classify this into a lax inn?

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